• The Camosun Coastal Centre has two classrooms.  Each classroom has 12 desks, 24 chairs (can add chairs up to 40 people if required).
• Desks can be arranged in many configurations (all desks are on wheels to allow easy configuration set ups).
• Numerous windows (with black out blinds) to allow natural light and open concept for a bright learning environment.
• Instructors podium complete with laptop power and VGA/HDMI connections to projection technology.
• Projection technology includes Digital Light Projector (DLP), Electric Screen, 55' flatscreen monitor on side wall, speakers, and one touch controls.
• Instructor desktop computer in each classroom (Lenova Think Centre, Core i7v Pro) with Windows 7 and Logitech webcam.
• Classrooms also equipped with remote laptop controls and remote microphones.
• Classrooms equipped with paper flip charts and numerous white boards.  
• Wifi available in each classroom.  Classrooms are also wired with Cat 6 connections and power plugs.
• Each classroom has its own dedicated heat exchanger and temperature controls.
• Each classroom has various lighting configurations.
• Classroom desks can be equipped with 18" high exam separation panels.

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