About CCC

Camosun Coastal Centre

The Camosun Coastal Centre (CCC), formerly known as the Industrial Marine Training and Applied Research Centre (IMTARC) was originally created by the Province’s industrial marine sector to provide readily affordable access to training and education needed to build, sustain and grow the labour force. The Centre is located on Songhees Nation land in Esquimalt BC.

Formerly owned by SkillSource, IMTARC provided training focused on industrial marine programs. The Centre also subletted space to local industry and training organizations, including Camosun College.  SkillSource and Camosun began discussions in April 2016 and concluded the deal to transfer the facility ownership in December.

The original construction and outfitting of IMTARC was funded by the federal regional development agency of Western Economic Diversification. Funding was also contributed by industry, including Seaspan Shipyards, BC Ferries, Babcock Canada, Lockheed Martin Canada, and Thales Canada.  Camosun Coastal Centre will continue to work with the original partners to provide their training and development needs.

While the Centre’s primary focus is on workforce development, Camosun Coastal Centre also works to enhance productivity and competitiveness of companies in the industrial marine sector in British Columbia in the areas of applied research and supplier development.   Given that many of its courses and efforts apply to industry in general, CCC also serves industry in other sectors in the Province including construction, manufacturing and energy.

CCC has a 4,000 square-foot training facility that includes classrooms, a computer lab and offices.  The Centre, located immediately adjacent to a large industrial marine cluster in Esquimalt Harbour, has been operating since February 2013 with over 25,000 students having participated in over 1500 courses.  While the ‘bricks and mortar’ schoolhouse is located on south Vancouver Island, CCC has delivered substantial training activity in the lower mainland and uses an operating model that can deliver training throughout Canada.

CCC, unique in Canada, provides a wide variety of critical skills required by the industry to flourish and grow.  CCC does this through facilitating industry access to dozens of international, national, and local training service providers offering hundreds of different courses that are applicable to industry.  Where there is an industry need, but no curriculum readily available to address that need, CCC develops new curriculum to support the industry.   Since its inception the Centre has developed numerous courses and programs.   These include entry-level training courses that enable those seeking employment to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and credentials to meet the needs of industry and find gainful employment or transition into higher skilled jobs.  CCC also works hard to increase diversity in the labour force; running numerous programs with indigenous participants and women seeking employment in the industrial workforce.

CCC identifies industry requirements and then aggregates demand to enable cost effective and relevant training to individuals and companies, many of whom would not normally be able to participate in this education because of distance or cost.  Located on the land of the Songhees Nation and operating within the traditional territory of the Coast Salish, CCC works closely with several aboriginal employment agencies and many First Nation communities in delivering training and education to their members in order to secure employment. 

Given its work with international companies in developing and delivering courses on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a marine fuel, CCC has expanded its focus in training and education to include skills and knowledge required to work in the LNG sector.  CCC contributes to the community through all of its efforts in equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to obtain meaningful employment and grow within their organizations.