NIBC Conference 2017 - Managing Marine Risks in the Pacific Northwest

Nautical Institute BC Branch 2017 Conference

Managing Marine Risks in the Pacific Northwest
May 10 to 12, 2017 -- Victoria, BC

The NIBC is pleased to invite you to our 2017 Conference -- May 10 to 12, 2017 at the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour  Hotel. 

Canada is a maritime nation whose prosperity relies on maritime trade. Critical to our success is the ability to understand and practice risk management. Join professionals from all aspects of the maritime industry to discuss topics such as:

  • How do we teach mariners and industrial partners to recognize risk, and to learn from failure to anticipate known and unknown risks?
  • What is the role of simulation in exploring the boundaries of risk? How do we define tolerable risk ... and answer those who would advocate "zero-risk" policies?
  • When misfortune does arise, how do we act to minimize impact and honour (not criminalize) those who have done their best in a bad situation?
  • And what is the role of policy, regulation and technology in risk mitigation?

Who should attend?

Ship masters, owners and operators of vessels of all sizes from private and government sectors; marine engineers and naval architects; port and terminal operators; government and regulatory officers; energy resource transporters; marine surveyors, lawyers and insurance representatives; safety equipment manufacturers; emergency responders; classification societies and risk-management professionals; and members of the public seeking to better understand the issues of maritime risk management.

A strong agenda...

  • Marine Incidents: The Human Factor
  • Safety at Sea: Just Culture
  • Legal Considerations Determining Risk Avoidance
  • Theoretical Risk Analysis as a Mitigation Tool
  • The Insurance View
  • The Canadian Arctic Shipping Risk Assessment Solution
  • Holland America/Seabourn: Making it Happen at Sea

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