IMTARC and Cryopeak partner on the delivery of the first LNG course of its kind in BC

Esquimalt, BC., – July 21, 2015 – The Industrial Marine Training and Applied Research Centre (IMTARC), an industry-focused enabler for workforce development, recently partnered with Cryopeak to deliver the first one-day LNG course of its kind in British Columbia. The "Safe Handling of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)" was delivered onsite at IMTARC in Victoria and added to the classroom teaching an on-field demonstration of the different characteristics of LNG including its cryogenic properties.

LNG is growing as a fuel source in North America. Super cooling natural gas enables efficient storage and transportation. However LNG has some unique properties compared to other liquid fuels and products.

Upon completion of the course, students have a basic understanding of: what LNG is and why it is used; the physical properties and hazards of LNG; safe handling of LNG including equipment and personal protective equipment; cryogenic properties and impact on different materials; and, the rules and regulations developing around LNG.

On-field demonstrations were used to ensure participants had an interactive and experiential learning of LNG and proved to be very effective in rounding out the lessons learned in the classroom. Many students said the visual demonstration was the best part of the course. "The highlight of the course was the practical demonstrations. The course cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had about LNG" said one student who completed the course.

Courses at IMTARC are open to all those who desire to take them. IMTARC is a not-for-profit organization that works, at any location, to enhance workforce development and productivity in industry. The value-added component provided by IMTARC to industry clients is the reduced cost of training through achieving economies of scale and the opportunity to learn together with large, medium and small employers coming from private and public sectors. The "Safe Handling of LNG" course had students from 14 different employers. A student commented that "the conversations between the different attendees were extremely valuable as everyone had different backgrounds and came from different companies".

IMTARC and Cryopeak will be running the next "Safe Handling of LNG" course in Vancouver on September 30th, 2015. The course will also be delivered this fall in Prince Rupert. IMTARC and Cryopeak can deliver this course anytime at any location as long as there is sufficient demand.

The Industrial Marine Training and Applied Research Centre (IMTARC) functions as a catalyst in BC in coordinating and facilitating workforce development, applied research, and supplier development to contribute to the competitiveness and productivity of the industrial marine and related sectors in the Province. SkillSource (formerly known as the Resource Training Organization) owns and operates IMTARC on behalf of industry that sets the direction and priorities for the Centre. For more information contact Michelle Traoré at 778-265-5005 or

About Cryopeak
Cryopeak is a pioneer in the "small-scale" LNG industry in North America. Cryopeak is dedicated to providing innovative liquefied natural gas solutions (LNG) by supporting off-grid communities, industries, and transportation customers moving towards a more environmentally sustainable and cost efficient fuel source.