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Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair, & Design Course

  • Dates: September 19 to September 21
  • Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Seats Remaining:
  • Price: $2,475.00
  • Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Fisher, Fisher Maritime Consulting Group (New Jersey)
  • Location: Camosun Coastal Centre, 100 Maplebank Road, Victoria, BC V9A 4M1

Course Description:

Fisher Maritime's Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair, & Design is a lessons-learned course geared to those involved in vessel construction, repair, and design. Instead of a theoretical course on contract management, the program is based upon the "scar tissue" from marine contractual disasters.

Day 1: Project Formation Utilizing Principles of Contract Management
- Unique contracting characteristics of the marine industry
- Principles of contract management applied to the marine industry
- Nine case studies on mis-management of ship repair, construction and design
- Analysis of the causes of mis-management
- Chronology of contracts from formation to close-out after the warranty ends
- Meetings and other pre-contract communications which affect contract workscope
- Defining all of the contract deliverables
- Pre-signing contract management, bid package formation, contract development
- Identification of owner’s rep’s functional responsibilities throughout performance
- Development of spread sheets to track all contract communications
- Shipyard’s development of estimate and bid
- Identification of engineering, regulatory and classification-related responsibilities
- Contract signing, pricing review and schedule review
- Project kick-off meeting agenda items
- Advance development of mechanisms to avoid prolonged disputes

Day 2: Negotiating, Pricing and Scheduling
- Examples of successful and other changes
- How timing affects the cost of changes
- Identification of real change in workscope
- Change work as a substitute for basic work
- Risk assessment and risk syndication
- Engineering and procurement for changes
- Identification of all involved crafts
- Support services for change work
- Obtaining advance pricing commitments
- Limiting negotiation authority for changes
- Hazardous waste removal change orders
- Identifying the non-obvious scope of work
- Credits for canceled or replaced basic work
- Shipyard’s vs. ship owner’s estimates
- Choosing a negotiator or negotiating team
- Lead times and durations for change work
- Identifying schedule impacts of changes
- Determining delay entitlement for changes
- Competition for change work
- The shipyard’s view on indirect costs
- Identifying overlooked billable personnel
- Estimating change’s non-productive effects
- Reliance on OFE/GFE commitments
- Dealing with mandatory changes
- Time and material changes
- Identifying/neutralizing negotiating tactics
- Twelve negotiating techniques
- Use of THE CHECK LIST before making commitments

Day 3: Project Control Through Application of Principles and Proven Techniques
- Translating the contract into routine procedures and communications
- Identifying standards for inspection or rejection of workmanship
- Drawings and bills of material
- Classification and Coast Guard approvals
- Schedule development, monitoring and updating—selecting CPN or Gantt
- Delays—excusable, compensable, nonexcused and concurrent
- Responding to failures by the other party to fulfill its obligations
- Owner’s review of contractor’s drawings
- Review of contractor equipment selections
- Owner-furnished information, equipment
- Management of owner’s secondary contracts and yard’s sub-contracts
- Early identification of potential disputes and their quick resolution
- Inspection deficiency reports—origination and follow-up
- Distributed change order authority
- Warranty and incomplete items
- Vessel delivery and re-delivery procedures
- Financial and insurance matters
- Monitoring contract deliverables lists
- Closing out the contract

Do your job responsibilities fall into any of the following categories? If so, our Contract Management course may be right for you.
- Project Managers (Yards and Owners)
- Contract Managers & Specialists
- Newbuilding Shipyards & Repair Yards
- Fleet Managers
- Shipyard General Managers
- Financial Managers (Yards and Owners)
- Ship Conversion Specialists
- Naval Architects & Marine Surveyors
- Federal, State, & Provincial Agencies
- Ferry Operators (Public & Private)
- Naval Shipyards
- Owner's Representatives
- On-Site Representatives
- Major Equipment Vendors
- Marine Superintendents
- Consultants & Attorneys

Dr. Kenneth Fisher is recognized worldwide as the leading authority on the development and management of complex contracts and specifications for ship construction, conversion, repair and design. He is author of the 2004 RINA publication, Shipbuilding Specifications: Best Practice Guidelines, the 2003 SNAME publication, Shipbuilding Contracts And Specifications, and the 2012 SNAME publication, The Impact Of Contracts On Ship Design Preparation. As an arbitrator, expert witness, consultant and instructor for more than 33+ years, he brings clarity and organization to an otherwise-complex set of management requirements unique to the maritime industry.

"Great eye-opener! Dr. Fisher’s experience really shows up as he guides you through the jungles of contract misunderstandings."

"I especially benefited from the actual problems experienced between shipyards and owners. I also appreciated the in-depth discussions on contract language, contractor point-of-view, contractor management philosophies and negotiation/resolution techniques. Excellent presentation. Well done!"

"The course will furnish the tools to allow you to manage your contracts with significant savings to your firm."

"A must for anyone involved (even remotely) with contract management. Dr. Fisher explains the complex elements of contract management very eloquently by using real life examples."

"Send your key production people also. It helps to get them on the team so more people outside of management understand the consequences of what they tell our customers."

Please note, this course includes catered lunch. Please notify us if you have any food allergies and we will accomodate. Thank you.

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please contact Michelle at or 778-265-5005.